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The Original Bunker Strap System

Our Bunker Strap System was originally Conceived in 2013 but was put on the back burner for a while. We are proud to release this industry first system. Designed to buckle together around your boot straps with a seat belt buckle, or cobra buckle. There is a sturdy riveted leather loop to easily grab and go. The Strap System contains d rings and snaps to hold your helmet, Glove strap, mask bag etc. When coming to the Rig if you get a run while walking up, you can unbuckle the strap and clip it around the door handle dress out with all the items hanging from it now at your disposal. When not wearing your coat in the rig you can hang from the provided snap. There is ample room for your Leatherhead Concepts Radio Strap to slide through the grab loop.

If selecting chrome seatbelt buckle hardware will be matched with chrome. If selecting cobra buckles then hardware will be black ( we of course will honor requests if you wanted another color with different type of buckle )

This first of its kind system is an all in one holder to help keep all your items right at your hands when you need them!