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Ordering from us

 **All orders, from chinstraps to Custom shields are hand made to your specifications when ordered. We are known for our quality and attention to detail on your items. We greatly appreciate your continued support of Firefighter owned companies! Thanks for your patience.**

When you order from Leatherhead Concepts, you are ordering a truly handmade item! We hand select all of our leather. We look for the highest quality with least markings and maximum durability. We hand cut, edge, Rivet and emboss all of our items. We now offer Laser inscribing for our items as well, and this is the only non hand item that is used when choosing this option.

When you order from us you are also helping a very small business operated by active duty firefighters, whose passion and experience in the service gets crafted into every product and idea we create. Although Small, we produce High volume orders every month, and therefore may take us upto 4-8 weeks to produce your item, we try our best for within 2-3 weeks. Our customers usual response is, "SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!! THANKS GUYS!"


PLEASE READ!!! this will make ordering much less confusing.

When Choosing us we give you options. 4 Standard Colors of leather, Custom Colors available for additional cost, contact us for details.

Multiple Stamping, engraving options. Brass and Nickel finishes for hardware. (Black hardware coming soon)

Painting and Stamping up to 15 letters single color included in price of order. Add "Customization to gear" and select the option(s) you desire. Each has its own cost, and must be added for it to appear on order.

Sometimes it can be confusing ordering our items as they are custom.

The Term "BURNT OUT" refers to ALL BLACK HARDWARE. this includes, Buckles, Snaps, Rivets, Screws Etc.

EMBOSSING refers to the Stamping of letters and other stamps into the leather. IE NAME, Eng Co. Etc.

"STITCHED" refers to the Stitching lines up the straps, the letters are not stitched, they are stamped into the letters. the Stitching is PURELY FOR LOOK,  it is not structural. our straps hold their own.

"Parade Red" refers to the Bright Red Color leather we use. We can produce, orange, Blue, Green, Pink Straps etc. Just ask and we will quote for you! 

We offer Full Embroidery of garments and hats Etc. We also have laser engraving services, such as custom glasses, Flasks, awards, Gifts, Etc. Just ask us what you are needing and we will let you know if we have the items!