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About Us


**All orders, from chinstraps to Custom shields are hand made to your specifications when ordered. We are known for our quality and attention to detail on your items. We greatly appreciate your continued support of Firefighter owned companies! Thanks for your patience.**

Who Is Leatherhead Concepts,

   Leatherhead concepts, was founded in 2009 as a simple hobby to make fire helmet shields as gifts for the crew at the firehouse. Chris is currently an Asst Fire Chief in a County Fire Department in Modesto. Back in 2009 as the rank of Captain he wanted his crew to have custom shields with personality. Versus mass produced plain fronts, that were cheaply made. After producing the first Seven shields for his crew and then fire chief. People began asking if he could make shields for their helmets. Chris was obliged to make these for them, as it was a enjoyable hobby, that paid for itself. After receiving shields, many customers asked if Chris could produce other items, such as Axe Belts, Radio Straps and even a Leather Chinstrap, but a more safety minded version than what was on market.

   The thought seemed daunting, but worth a shot. the radio straps were initially made the same width and lengths as commercially made straps, but wanting to be original, Chris set on making his wider, and truly custom items. Having owned many leather items made by commercial and even smaller highly reputable leather companies, he thought he could take them to the next step on all items. Personally handpicking, and buying highest quality hides, and Fire industry standard hardware for his items, he set out on re imagining the basic designs for these items to make them original, and producing some items which really had never been made of leather. one of these items was the helmet band to replace the rubber ones that snap! He wanted a Full leather, no elastic whatsoever band. through trials and many failed designs, he found one that worked, and the premise was a form fitting band with external attachments for items commonly carried, including mounts for helmet shields.

In late 2012, the small hobby Chris had started had seen monumental growth, Leatherhead Concepts was now in every state in the US, Mexico, Canada, European countries, China, various South American countries and Japan. Clothing bearing the LHC Logo, Partnerships with up and coming companies, such as Hook and Irons, and Xtreme Valor Apparel, and West Coast Fire Helmets, Black Smoke Apparel, and others. Products have been featured in many online bloggers forums, such as The Fire Critic, First Due Questions, and Wooden Ladders and Iron Fireman, Rooftop Angels, and may others to date.

   As of 2014 Leatherhead Concepts, has become an Incorporated Business, with Trademarked Logos, and a Worldwide Following, all from a Company Started as a hobby to help out local friends. One thing has remained, we have never forgot our roots in business, and that is YOU, our customers, Our brothers and Sisters! Your support of our company has been overwhelming, and We never forget that!

in 2017 the next big step happened in the company  a project Chris had been working on since 2013 finally came to fruition! Teamed with Phenix Fire Helmets, LHC released the FIRST AND ONLY, NFPA compliant and tested Leather chinstrap In the industry 

    Being that LHC is made up of active firefighters, we are committed to giving back to our brothers and sisters, and the Communities we serve. LHC has contests, for charity, such as the mustache contest, and donates a portion of our sales to local cancer societies. When possible, we supply volunteer agencies and unions with items or promotions for raffle prizes. LHC shows customer appreciation by random giveaways, and customer appreciation sales on products. All this combined with Competitive prices on some of the best quality hand made leather items you will find, has been a huge success for us. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to your business in the future!