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Product Durability and Warranty

Leatherhead Concepts was founded on dependable quality, and old school craftmanship. our warranty is SIMPLE! If your Strap fails due to a manufacturing defect, we stand behind it, PERIOD!

What does this mean? We are Firefighters and humans, as much as we strive for perfection we do know mistakes happen, things may get missed that would cause something to not work. If your Leather Gear has been properly cared for, IE oiled regularly, cleaned etc and and of the components fail due to our process we will repair or replace. It is understood that the following things will happen. Paint will wear over time, we are happy to repaint but there will be a nominal fee.

Please NOTE** End user is always responsible for shipping to and from for any warranty or non warranty repair work.

***We only cover Shipping in the rare event WE made an error. IE wrong Spelling when ordered correct, wrong paint requested, or Stitching, etc. We strive to make your experience amazing and one you will ecstatically share with coworkers! 

If you made an error on Size, paint ,stitch, spelling, Etc We will work with you to help correct it the most economical way we can.