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CURRENT LEAD 1-6 weeks


 PLEASE REMEMBER, All orders, from chinstraps to Custom shields are hand made to your specifications when ordered by Actual active Firefighters. We are not a Massive production company, or some person trying to make a quick buck with no actual knowledge of our jobs.

Sometimes our lead times extend due to Shift Changes and strike teams etc.  We are known for our quality and attention to detail on your items. We greatly appreciate your continued support of Firefighter owned companies! Thanks for your patience.**






Suspenders : 3-5 WEEKS

Axe Belts w  LOOP 3-6 Weeks

w Scabbard or Swivel loop 4-7 Weeks

Chin Straps, Helmet bands, Glove straps and smaller items approx  2-5 days - 2 weeks (WE PRIORITZE SMALLER ITEMS AS WELL BUT DEPLOYMENTS MAY AFFECT THIS)



Welcome to Leatherhead Concepts, Your one stop shop for the finest in public safety leather goods. Created in California's Central Valley, Leatherhead Concepts uses only top quality materials, and old school craftsmanship in our products. Established in 2009 as simply a shield maker, our company began to grow by word of mouth, and we launched from there to what we are today. We still produce Custom Shields, so contact us for info. Leatherhead Concepts strives for customer satisfaction and durability to with stand the rigors of our job.

You will not find any short cuts in our items, if we wouldn't use it, we would not expect you! Our items, while NOT considered "Life Safety devices", take into account the safety aspects put forth by the industry. We have over 20 years in active fire service duty. All of our items are tested and proven on the job before they are released ! We use top quality hardware, and searched long and hard to find the, EXACT manufacturers of some of the safety features on our products. The public relies on you, You should rely on Leatherhead Concepts to provide you with rugged quality leather goods to help you meet your mission.

Feel free to browse our site, and if you see something you like. Just head into our online store and get your self geared up! Thanks for visiting, and check back often, We are continuously adding to the site.

Leatherhead Concepts