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Fixed Length Radio Strap with Anti-Sway Strap No Holster

Top Quality Leather Radio Strap, Made of Thick Durable 10oz Premium Leather, We buy the best grade In the industry. Strap comes with 2 mic loops, Anti-Sway strap, and Anti sway swivel D ring. "no more jerry rigging your antisway", there is a place for it now! "Radio Holster" NOT Included, in this set. This Strap has No buckles for that Sleek Clean Look. If you need to adjust this is NOT for you, This a one size fit.
Measure with tape measure across body (FRONT AND BACK), from shoulder it will sit on, to point where you wish it to rest on hip. if you want it "West Coast gunslinger style" where the holster sits more towards thigh level, just add 5 inches to length. select appropriate length in inches below. Avg person measures around 56-60"
Please enter your fitted size in box provided.