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NFPA 1971 Compliant Cali Chinstrap

Leatherhead Concepts in conjunction with Phenix Technology, is Proud to present the first ever NFPA 1971 Compliant Cali Chinstrap. This Strap meets and actually exceeds the Testing requirements set forth by NFPA. Strap has been designed to meet and exceed their standards, officially Tested and Certified by 3rd party organizations. Features FR Velcro and Nomex Thread to secure the Tail of strap while tightened on your chin. Has the same features of the Cali Chinstrap, as riveted construction, the often imitated leather cheek protector, and break away plastic buckle.

Due to the nature of NFPA strap, these will not be able to be stamped, and we will offer only a few colors. If you still want customized chinstraps we still offer the Non NFPA versions on our site of the Cali and Cali SF Chinstraps.


Leather Color
Saddle Tan
Hardware Color
Black (Burnt out)