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Custom Leather Suspenders

Our Custom Suspenders, available in 3 construction styles. H back, Cross Ring back, and X back .Features Various Options to get just the Style you want on Custom Leather Suspenders, all hand made to your size specs. Top Quality full grain high oil content leather for strength, comfort, durability, and stellar good looks! 1 1/2" to 2" wide straps of 10-14 Oz Leather from buttons to straps, these are built to last!.


MEASURING.... "HOW IS THIS DONE???????? "So, how do i measure up, you say..." Thats easy; for traditional cross suspenders, simply take a measuring tape while wearing your bunker bottoms, and measure from the attach point on front of bottoms. Then run tape to back attachments on opposite side of rear pant attach. that is your number. "But what if Want the "H-Back"??". No problem, Simply go from the front attachment, to back attachment on same side. **

Don't Worry, there will be extra room if you cut your self a little short.